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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 2, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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built the bombs in the home where she lived and knee knew nothing about it? the investigation continues and now you know the news for this thursday, may the 2nd, 2013. i'm shepard smith for the journalists of fox news, thank you, opinion and analysis is now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [explosion eight seattle washington police officers injured by loons running mild on may day. why is this not a front page story? we will tell you. >> i was interested to see a bible by your bed. you actually find time to read it? >> i sure do. every god damn day. >> bill: big controversy brewing about god and the u.s. military. is there a violation of church and state going on? we'll have a special report. also tonight, megyn kelly on the university of massachusetts refusing to give out infthe accused terrort
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dzhokhar tsarnaev. we will tell you all about that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor intestines right now. -- factor begins right now. >> bill: hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more evidence that the left is out-of-control in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. yesterday was may day where communists and socialists celebrate their belief that steal private property is a good thing. far left would say that private property itself is evil that it should not exist. that is what happens in countries like cuba. the government controls all property. the united states, however, was founded on a capitalistic system where americans can pursue success in a free marketplace and then when they earn money they can buy what they want. that is called private property.
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the far left in america doesn't like that very much. and yesterday in seattle, thousands of loons took to the streets. [. >> move back! shouting [bleep] [explosion] >> metal pipes have been thrown from the crowd at cars and at officers. [shouting] >> just a second ago pack of fireworks. >> careful. back up, back up. protesters are throwing water bottles at police and rocks. [screams] [explosions] [bleep] move back! move back! >> this is what some of these protesters want. they want to be arrested. they want it on tv. >> bill: at least 17 people were arrested.
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8 seattle police officers injured. another black mark for that beautiful city which is now controlled by left wing zealots. it's not just seattle that's a problem. most everywhere in the u.s.a. the far left is running wild. in florida we saw a paid representative planned parenthood testify that babies born alive should not be guaranteed life-saving health. professor at nyu wants to do away with the traditional family standard. >> i should say why should there be marriage at all. what should limit it to two and why should it be monogamous. nothing in my view gives the state that particular interest. i'm not arguing for those other forms though i do in my book argue for the decriminalization of polygamy. i would agree that we should get rid of the sexual family. there is no reason in the contemporary world to base our relationships necessarily on sex. >> bill: now add to that the legalization of marijuana in washington state and colorado. the punitive taxation some
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states are leveling on the wealthy and the view that america is the villain throughout the world and there you have the far left vision. are years ago that craziness would have been openly rejected by most americans. today, traditional forces are somewhat disorganized and many nonpolitical americans have simply no idea what's going on and don't really care. that leaves an open field for the loons who assaulted seattle yesterday and, believe me, they are taking full advantage of it that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington liberal guy james carville. [ laughter ] >> bill: you are not a far left guy, right? >> well, first of all, these people may be far left, they are criminals. they are breaking the law. let's call people for what they are. >> bill: they are doing it in the name -- >> -- it doesn't matter. >> bill: ideology. they are not drug dealers. they are doing it in the name of political ideology. >> they are breaking the law. let me tell you something. the catholic church is very
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far left when it comes to economics. this pope is very critical of capitalism as was pope john paul. you don't see them rushing the barricades they issue cyclicals. that's the way you have debate in a civilized society. those people don't represent any of the liberals that i know, progressives or democrats or whatever the heck you all call us. >> bill: you would say they are far left people. >> anarchists, also breaking the law. you and i may disagree on politics, but we agree that you have got to follow the law. you can't assault police officers. >> bill: rule of law is what makes democracy hum. they don't want democracy, those people. you know what they want. i'm interested though because you are firmly engrained in the liberal community. this planned parenthood woman, youer with remember the story, she is a lobbyist down in florida and she was testifying and then they asked her well what if the baby is born alive, you know and she said well, it's up to the mother and the doctor.
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society should provide protections. would that be a liberal tenet or a far left tenet? >> it wouldn't be my tenet. i think -- and any doctor would violate hippocratic oath. i mean, that's -- >> bill: if you want to get into that territory your liberal beliefs will be challenged because 90% of obgyns will not perform abortions. >> again, if there is a viable baby and the doctor doesn't treat it, that's a violation of their oath. i'm not for that there are lot of good people in planned parenthood. >> bill: the nyu professor you just heard would she be a far left person. >> bill, that's asking me like all of the believe that believe in agenda 212 and 12 birthers in the republic party in the congress of the united states does that represent you? of course it doesn't. i can't be responsible for every goofy person that says something and i can't hold you responsible for
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goofy right wingers out there. >> bill: they mate me. the far right hates me more than the far left does. i'm not even close in that what i'm interested in is the line. liberal americans, moderate americans, whatever, i agree with you they are not for that crazy stuff. the far left, the in your face people, the msnbc people they are starting to dominate the conversation now. >> wait, well, let's stop. i don't think lawrence o'donnell or joe scarborough. >> bill: let me stop you there. wait, wait, wait. ms. o'donnell openly says. wait, wait. you made a statement so let me question you. >> go ahead. >> bill: o'donnell says is he a socialist. that's not a far left position? >> between, he is not breaking the law. >> bill: not about a law. it's about a mentality.
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>> there are people i may not share their views. do you share these crazy birther's views that glenn beck? of course you don't. they are loony. >> bill: beck and i go at it all the time here. you are dodging the question though. >> i'm not dodging the question. >> bill: i gave you concrete examples of far left people you are telling me they are not far left. >> i don't view rachel maddow as far left or scarborough as far left people. i just don't. >> bill: screw -- crew are pushing the envelope to the left. >> reverend al is a pretty guy. >> bill: pretty liberal? >> okay. is he a liberal guy. >> bill: good looking? all right. carville last question for you and we appreciate you coming on. do you believe that the far
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left, the people we saw in seattle, the real, real fringe, that they are gaining power in this country? >> no. >> bill: so you don't believe that the occupy receipt movement, all of these people, they are not gaining power? >> i think, you know, i don't think they have a whole lot of influence. look, some of the things against globalization. like i say catholic church is very much aligned with real stuff about globalization. pope john paul warned us against idolatry of the marketplace and things like that. there are people that have points they make how the capital system works bangladesh and how that works. and how wages have been stagnant and corporate profits have gone up. i'm won of them. i think that's a predicament. >> bill: difference between
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social justice people and people who want to tear it down as you pointed out as you rightly pointed out. >> right. >> bill: all right, james. thanks very much. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: next on the ruppdown, should christianity be banned from the military? and, later, federal judge says there should be no age restrictions whatsoever on the morning after pill. so 11-year-old girls can get it without parental consent. take a hard look at that situation. upcoming. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. there san organization called the military religious freedom foundation ran by mike e. weinstein a republican who worked in the reagan administration. mr. weinstein wants to hold military officers responsible for the perceived religious proselytizing. i got it write not guilty huffington post weinstein said quote we face well
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funded gangs and monsters who terrorize fellow americans by forcing weapon niced and twisted version of christianity on their helpless subordinates in our nation's law forces. we must vigorously path lock lo jikly antigay islamophobic and rabidly intolerant for what they are joining us from albuquerque, new mexico is mr. weinstein. i want to get specific here. do you believe that an officer in the military who opposes openly gay individuals serving, is that officer homophobe bic i you know having any viewpoint at all is fine. there is a difference between what you personally feel inside and the behavior that you exhibit. if you are showing any sort of derision or any sort of derision or tyranny on a member who is openly gay in the military you are clearly in violation of the
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constitution. >> bill: but you don't brand anyone for sincerely held belief better for military order if gays used to serve as they used to in a don't ask, don't tell situation. you wouldn't say even though you disagree with it that officer would be homophobe bic automatically. >> absolutely not. all we care about -- we're a hamburger not a complex meal. it's your behavior and your attitude that matters. what you have inside belongs to you. >> bill: we assume that the military code of justice will take care of people who violate military law. let's get on to the. >> not a good assumption, bill. not a good assumption. >> bill: you think the military is corrupt in that regard, mr. weinstein? >> i do. i have been doing this for mine years two months and 28 days. we represent over 33,000 members of the u.s. military. 96% of them catholics like you, roman catholics and
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protestants who are victims of religious oppression. this is something we view as totally out of control. >> bill: so you believe, you flat out and i know that you talked to some pentagon officials. they sought you out for discussion. you believe that the military, the american military is corrupt, that it isn't enforcing protections against let's say over zealous proselytizing. you believe that is not happening now? >> i completely agree with your statement. it is not happening. >> bill: that's not my statement. that's your statement. >> yes. >> bill: because i don't know. >> yes, absolutely. >> bill: that's what you believe. let's get the islamophobic thing in here now. would you say in the war on terror that militant islam is our primary enemy? i would say that. >> appear small subsection of islam itself.
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not every muslim not every fetus inside a muslim woman's womb is a terrorist. >> bill: jihadist. >> absolutely. correct. >> bill: you concur with that our military's efforts have to be directed in that arena with the jihadist. >> i wanted to say something. >> bill: go. >> what i wanted to say is that we should be fighting as an american military, our national interest. we should not look like christian crusaders to the people we are fighting. >> bill: you have give me an example how in the pos. >> yes. >> bill: all right. give me an example how we look like christian crusaders. >> two and a half years ago we broke the story of the so-called jesus rifle. every rifle that we had the u.s. military had inscribed on its scope new testament biblical citations. we had over 136 u.s. marines that came to us saying it was horrible for them in afghanistan dealing with it. >> bill: whats watt indiscrimination. >> from the book of john, i think mark and there was one from revelation. it came from a defense contractor called tridicon
5:18 pm
almost a billion-dollar contract. >> bill: what did it say. >> i don't know something about the light of the world. it was the fact that the actual sighization they didn't have room to put the buyer words down. >> bill: why would you have forgotten that seems to me. >> no, bill, bill, no. let me try to respond here. >> bill: all right. >> obviously military within a couple days they agreed it was terribly wrong nato allies had these nato defense forces changed the changeover to the contractor to change it. >> bill: i'm not saying it's right. you should be able to tell me what the offending passage was. >> bill, bill, bill. let me put it this way. i can give you lots of different verses that are out there. the bottom line that this was well covered in the media. >> bill: no. the real bottom line. >> the military made the change and they fixed it. >> bill: the military took care of it that's the real bottom line. >> they did. after we went and had to stand up and fight on
5:19 pm
behalf of our clients they finally did. without us they would not have. >> bill: all right. final question, the obama administration very secular administration. are you still saying that obamailitary is corrupt or administration after five years wiped all this out? >> this is not an indictment on any member of the us what. obviously whether it was george w. bush or his predecessor obama commander and chief. things are clearly better under obama. you say secular like it's a bad thing. >> bill: i didn'ti didn't say s a bad thing. i said it's a secular administration. >> i would say -- i say that very proudly. that means everybody gets equal rights. this is the no spin zone. that's why we support it little. >> bill: listen, if everybody got equal rights in a secular society, i would applaud it. of course that's not true. we don't live in a perfect world and secularism brings
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its own problems. we appreciate you coming in. despite what you just heard ms. ingraham will step up. is the university of massachusetts refusing to release information about the accused terrorist who was enrolled at the school? those reports after these messages. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
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>> bill: week in review from the incorporate gramg angle segment tonight. bring in ms. laura who joins us from washington to talk about it do you believe there is in christian prost will he advertising going on in the u.s. military. >> yeah of all the issues facing the u.s. military. cut backs ptsd. we have the suicides, homelessness, all this concern about how families are coping with all these deployments and the biggest problem facing the military is christian extremist
5:24 pm
according to the life cereal guy mikey thrls hes ha the mike cereal guy. >> bill: this is a different mikey. >> i thought he had grown up. he didn't look different from a what he looked like before. >> coming in and having a lively debate. >> okay spin zone. look. he is known i think quite fairly kind of cool saying it's all religion. i think you could savely conclude there is more of anti-christian bias on the part of mr. weinstein. >> bill: no doubt about it? >> the guy wants to wipe all religion out of the military. when we have men who are injured in hospitals, do they get counseling by rabbi and imam or a minister? >> bill: i don't know if he wants to wipe all religion out. >> yes, he does. he wants it wiped out. >> had he it h. said that. >> of course is he not going to say that to you because you will pummel him. that's exactly what he
5:25 pm
wants. >> bill: how did that work out for the nazis? religion can be a constraint as well. but, look, so you believe that this is an anti-christian play but the question remains and we saw it at the air force academy that there is some evidence that some overzealots, religious officers, you know, try to i would like to see the poll on that of active duty servicemen and women if they think that's really one of the big problems they face in daily lives. >> bill: let's do a fox news poll on this. that's a very good point. >> ludicrous, bill. i think one of the things we might want to think about is whether people who are deeply religious, christian, maybe they are orthodox jews who would serve in the military i don't know if will are many orthodox jews serving. keep it christian. ask a question whether their rights are violated in the uber politically correct world we live in. including in the military today. it is changing obviously
5:26 pm
under barack obama's very secular progressive policy. >> bill: i didn't like the way you say that word secular. that's what he did to me. i think that a poll among the military have you been prosthetic will he advertised in the christian way. you heard carville up top say he doesn't believe the far left is making a lot of encroachments on mainstream liberalism and you say? i think he is wrong. liberalism got what it wanted with barack obama winning a second term. whether or not he can accomplish everything he wants to accomplish, maybe not. it's still okay, right? he is still the most left wing person to ever step into power in the united states of america i still think they believe he is with them on hot button social policies on these issues. he may not be with them completely on trade. he has been more like bush than i think liberals on trade. nevertheless, i think they feel like they have a
5:27 pm
friend in the white house and they feel like they have a little wind at their back compiled at the top of the show. people are out of control. right? they get a little power. >> it's embarrassing. they look like children and put their ski masks on and ride around in skate boards and go home to mommy and daddy and probably have a trust fund. >> bill: go home and smoke pot because it's legal now. >> all legalized now. that's all they have time to do they don't have jobs. >> bill: blame riots in seattle on legalization of pot? >> pot is going to be the main stay of this economy that is still sinking. >> bill: all right miss laura thank you. how could a thug sitting in a baltimore jail impregnate four guards and run a drug operation? how could that happen? we'll have a follow up report. then ms. megyn kelly on outrageous situation. massachusetts not cooperating and telling the world about accused terrorist dzhokhar tsarnaev. we hope you stay tuned to
5:28 pm
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. >> bill: factor follow up segment tent. as we reported last week a federal grand jury has indicted maryland officers, seven jailed inmates and five others in a major scandal at the baltimore city detention center. authorities say 3 of-year-old at a von white impregnated 4 prison guards and ran a drug operation out of the jail. maryland director of public
5:32 pm
safety gary maynard is in charge of that jail. nothing has happened to him. in fact, maryland governor martin o'malley is sticking up for maynard. >> i see these indictments as a very positive achievement and milestone in our fight to combat gangs and gang violence. >> bill: so it's positive. joining us now from baltimore, -- for "the baltimore sun." am i missing here mr. duncan? doesn't the buck stop with gary maynard he is in charge of this thing. the guy has been in four years shouldn't he be fired first thing he said the first district day when the sty broke he was going to take full responsibility but he has turned around and said that he is going to be the person who come in and fix some of these problems but, in your reporting, he is the guy. he is in charge of the detention center, right? >> i mean, not in the
5:33 pm
day-to-day. he runs the whole department. >> he is the big kahuna in maryland in charge. now, has the warned of the prison been fired? >> the warned was replaced some time last year. secretary maynard told me that he already had some concerns before this federal case came down. >> bill: what happened to the warned is he still there. >> it's not clear. >> no announcement that the warned is fired. hey this is a good thing even though five babies for four women. he impregnated them this guy while he is in prison. narcotics sold inside and outside the prison by this guy. the governor of the state of maryland saying this is a good thing because the feds got them. remember and correct me if i am wrong, mr. duncan, the feds made this case not the state of maryland. >> feds have said it was the state authorities that
5:34 pm
came to them and said we got concerns about this gang if here. >> bill: why would the feds need the help? why couldn't the state police do it. >> that's not clear at the moment. >> bill: not clear? it's not clear. don't you think that is out of control mr. duncan? i know you are a reporter. this is a joke. this guy this thug this 36-year-old gang leader takes over the entire prison. we don't know if the warned was fired the guy in charge is now being applauded by the governor because this is a good thing. i mean, are we living in the real world here or am i off? >> i think, you know, what the secretary has said, he has moved his office down there. he is polygraphing people to try to get a handle on how high up this maybe went inside the jail and he thinks is he going to be able to make changes. >> bill: now he has swung into action. mr. duncan, if for four
5:35 pm
years you filed crazy articles for "the baltimore sun," do you think they would have kept you on? >> probably not. no in the state of maryland, now, now mr. maynard, is he moving -- this is embarrassing for the state of maryland, i believe. governor o'malley, it's on you, man. you have got to do something. we appreciate you coming on mr. duncan. thank you. when we come right back, megyn kelly on another outrage in boston. university of massachusetts protecting accused terrorist dzhokhar tsarnaev. kelly is next. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) designed for your most precious cargo.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight, so far four individuals who attended the university of massachusetts. been arrested in the boston terror bombing case. 19-year-old dzhokhar tar neff is charged with being one of the bombers along with the slain brother. three other students now charged with aiding dzhokhar after the fact. but the university of massachusetts will not release information about dzhokhar or the others citing privacy. that is causing major angst. with us now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. should i be angry about this? >> i don't think it warrants your angry but it warrants your interest. there are privacy rules that protect students who have me trick could you lated at universities even after they graduate or leaf the university they are protected from the release of certain information.
5:40 pm
such as their grades, their transcripts evaluations that their professors performed and that kind of thing. >> this sunday state law, right? >> federal law. >> bill: it's a federal deal. >> yeah. >> bill: federal law prohibits colleges or universities from just throwing these things out. >> yes. they want to protect you and your academic records. >> bill: what if you are charged with a crime and the information that the university holds may help in the prosecution of the crime? >> it's relatively easy for law enforcement to get. the question in this case is whether we, the people should get it. >> so we assume them then that the fbi knows of this dzhokhar guy was actually at the university speech or court ordered. >> they go in at the university of massachusetts and they get theheets on the four guys to find out what exactly they were doing there is a question we the public our right to
5:41 pm
know their right to privacy medical records between their doctors, we are talking about what dates were they there. what courses did they take? what information is on campus with respect to law enforcement and so on. why can't we have that information now that it's not just one, not two, not three, four students on one campus that appear to be have been involved boston marathon bombing. >> when it came to the welfare benefits in massachusetts, there is also a lie preventing privacy when it comes to public assistance disclosures. these agencies in massachusetts to some extent made the decision that the public interest outweighed the privacy concerns. what if the universities made that decision. key override the law. >> this falls within one of the decisions public exigency or exceptions justified. >> bill: there are exceptions. >> some information. limited disclosure. having said that i want to
5:42 pm
tell you this. i looked at this affidavit filed in support of the arrest of these three. newest three yesterday in great detail. okay? i want to tell that you there is more to this story than we know right now. >> bill: that's what i have said from the jump. i want to start out by saying their lawyers deny everything and say they didn't do it it they didn't know. you read this affidavit and the fbi is saying remember that thursday that they released the videotape of the two suspects? who are they american people help us identify them. >> bill: none of them called. >> that happened at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. according to the affidavit by 6 p.m. eastern time between 6 and 7 those three met on the campus forget dzhokhar he was off with the brother to cause more harvick. these three met and within an hour they were in dzhokhar dorm room taking the backpack. they hadn't even spoken are had any contact with the feds with dzhokhar by point. as soon as they saw him, their inticket was not only not to call the cops but to go into his dorm room and
5:43 pm
start getting stuff. now, you are telling me they had no idea he was up to no good prior it to that moment? i don't buy it so far. >> bill: the wife has big big problems so far as well. >> where did tam tamerlan make the bombs? he was living with her reportedly. where did he make the bombs. dzhokhar was just a younger brother who got pulled into this by the radicalized older brother had been doing the traveling. dzhokhar is so innocent except placing the bomb next to an 8-year-old. wife did he have bomb making materials in his dorm room? and back to the other three suspects who just got arrested? you tell me if you are totally innocent or even if you just want to help your friend and you didn't really know until moments earlier he was a bomber, how did they know when they went into that dorm room to collect firework casings and so on. how did they know the jar of vaseline is incriminating? that needs to be disposed of as evidence as well. they knew it was part of a bomb component. they had said a month
5:44 pm
earlier dzhokhar confessed i knew how to make a bomb. the discussion was very detailed. >> bill: i want to put you in charge of the investigation. can we do that? kelly run the investigation? i'm ready to convict him right now. >> we only have one side of the story. >> bill: absolutely right. rarity for me. i think you are absolutely right. i think these three and the wife and probably more people. >> we want to know more. >> are up to here in it. on deck, federal judge says any female in america should be able to get the morning after pill without parental consent. ages 10, 11, doesn't matter to this guy. we'll have the story just a few moments. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines
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while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ]
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>> bill: back of book
5:48 pm
segment tonight. are we crazy. federal judge edward sits in brooklyn, new york, decided that any female in america, no matter what age, should be able to buy the morning after pill without a prescription noond parental consent. 10 years old judge korman says fine. the obama administration is appealing the ruling. it wants the age for the morning after pill set at 15. even then there are questions. with us now dr. wendy walsh, a psychologist and from san diego dr. bonny forest a psychologist and attorney. dr. forest, if an 11-year-old has sex. that is a crime in most places in this country. this federal judge seems to be aiding the crime by allowing anonymity in the morning after pill purchase. or am i wrong? >> well, i share your concern that you don't want 11-year-olds having a statutory rape situation and not reporting it bill, i come out differently. here is why. let me give you some very specific facts. so in the two studies that have specifically looked at statutory rape. one was done in 2007 and
5:49 pm
another one done in '9 a and 9 '96. if you break down those numbers out of the 50,000 pregnancy 1976 that were two adults have sex with kids statutory rape in california, only 431 of those went to trial. they aren't being reported anyway he want to bring down the number of abortions and number of inintended pregnancies. i see this as a way of doing that. >> bill: the reason that they aren't being reported anyway doesn't really excuse a federal judge for not upholding the law. they are saying they are north being reported anyway. does that mean we shouldn't try in every effort as parents to continue to regulate our children? when they say this is a significant move or significant prefree dom advancement for women. what about my right as a mother? >> i don't think the judge is saying it's a signature is can't advancement for
5:50 pm
women. is he just ruling obama administration says 15-year-olds. what about parental rights? i mean, i keep coming back to in this country don't have any rights now. >> bill, come on. let's talk about what plan b is, okay? what happened to plan a? plan a was johnny and susan will were not going to have sex and unprotected sex. plan b they had sex and didn't have unprotected sex. that horse is out of the barn. they are not now magically going to talk to you. >> bill: just because children act irresponsibly doesn't mean their parents have no right to know about that. >> i'm not saying that. but they are not going to come and talk to you. they will sit in their room and pray they don't gets pregnant. >> bill: taking away my parental authority. >> no i'm not.
5:51 pm
>> bill: giving the child an avenue where the child can take action that influences the child big time without the child knowing about it. >> cough medicine. >> you can't buy without a drug abuse. dhs. highly abused by eighth graders, okay? 13, 14-year-olds there. you can buy that over the counter in any i see my parental boundaries being trashed. were effect on teen girls. now when we put bound dries on teenagers and they take tan truments and get upset. they may be mad but they feel safe and protected. a child left to make responsible adult decisions when they are not emotionally mature enough. can lead to depression and anxiety. on top of that, 80% of human beings have sex for the first time before the age of 18.
5:52 pm
i will say that their parents have probably had sex, too. this is not daddy i'm pregnant and daddy is -- we're going to protect her from being abused and beat up by her dad. this is i made a big mistake mom and dad you can help me with this. >> bill: the parents have to be aware of those mistakes in order to try to rescue the kid. why do you think the obama administration is appealing the judge's ruling, dr. forester? >> well, i think this is political maneuvering. i'm very disappointed. >> bill: you don't think they are really interested in the statutory rape situation and younger girls here the obama administration? >> bill, every scientist. every scientist that has looked at this who has real credentials has said the same thing. seven major national organizations are in favor of imagine this accessible to all women. okay? this isn't debatable in the science community. we're talking about moral. >> bill: not talking about women. they are kids. >> they are children. >> bill, the number here. >> bill: i see what you are saying. you don't want abortion. you don't want all of this
5:53 pm
happening. the greater good is served by having parental authority respected and in this country it absolutely isn't. i have got to run, ladies. >> parental talk. >> bill: dr. walsh has a book out called "the 30 day love detox." there it is and a fox news special friday evening we want you to know about this. anchored by bret baier on the gosnell trial in philadelphia. that will air at 9:00 p.m. we hope you check it out. factor tip of the day. update on high tech gizmo that will dramatically help our wounded warriors. the tip moments away. ♪
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everyone. we will do that. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight it's becoming increasingly difficult to deny the obama presidency is in peril, and this week in particular for an administration that coined the phrase "leading behind." the president has lived up to that motto from legislative defeats to failed political stunts, these very high-profile missteps have already made an already unpopular president even more polarizing. on tuesday, abc news correspondent jonathan karl asked him if he can shake the case of second term blues. take a look. >> mr. president, you're 100 days into your second term. on the gun bill,


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